Foto: yourTVcrew
Foto: yourTVcrew

yourTVcrew has been choosen as the crew for a Raiuno production in Romania. A sua immagine, a well-known and much appreciated cultural and religious show aired by Raiuno has focused on the activity of Bambini in Emergenza, an Italian aid organization founded by a famous Italian journalist, Mino Damato. Impressed by the tragedy of abandoned children, Mino started his humanitarian works back in the 90s and managed to save the lives of numerous HIV kids. His works are continued even after his death so the Italian journalists of Raiuno came back to Singureni, a village close to Bucharest, to praise this foundation`s efforts of helping Romanian abandoned children.

yourTVcrew did all the shooting for this show in several locations at Singureni, Progresul and Bucharest. Working with reporter Paolo Balduzzi and producer Gabriele Caruba, we have delivered every single shot they have thought of and even more. It`s been a very long but very pleasant shooting day.

At the end of the job, Paolo Balduzzi has honoured us with the following words: ”punctuality, creativity, precision and professionalism and that extra little bit of friendliness that helps you make our job always a pleasure. Describing Bucharest and its children with you was amazing! Thank you!”

Well, we at yourTVcrew thank you, Paolo Balduzzi and Gabriele Caruba, and we are looking forward to working with you again soon.