yourTVcrew always helped you see what others don`t so, that`s why, we are everywhere, in the air, on the ground or underwater, to bring you the best perspectives. We are now introducing our new drone that helps us get the best aerial views for your video. It`s up there in the air where you can realise the whole dimensions of things on the ground so we can now take you there, safe and legal. That`s one really important thing. In Romania, it is required by law to register with the authorities all this kind of flying objects. So, unlike others, our drone it is legally registered with the Romanian Civil Aviation Authority so it is authorised to fly. This is why we can use our drone for your aerial video without risks.
Our drone is a brand new DJI Phantom 3 shooting full HD crystal clear video with it`s own camera installed. We have inaugurated this new drone for the aerial shots in our newest video produced for our friends at Global Archive Management, one of the biggest archivers in Romania. Enjoy it below!
For orders and rates of aerial shootings, drop us a message at